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Wow, these college students really had quite the orgy bash in their dorm room. This sexy cheerleader girl named Amy decided to organize this collegiate orgy, and it turned out to be one helluva horny night. Amy got her friends together in her dorm room and everybody went wild.

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Okay, when I was in college, I once had the pleasure of being part of a super duper dorm sex party that was so wild and out-of-control, I almost busted a testicle. These crazy and extremely horny coeds were lining the halls sucking every cock that passed by (including mine). They were so horny, they’d suck anybody, even us geeks.

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Kevin Writes:
“I remember that when I was applying to different colleges, my mom and dad were very concerned about the idea of me living in a coed dorm. They thought that it’d be nothing but a 24/7 sex party all the time. I kept telling them not to worry, that they were being silly. Well, it turned out that they were pretty much right. When I moved into my dorm, I noticed that that there was a lot of sex going on. The first night, I walked in on a guy getting blown by two coed girls in the bathroom. I knew right then that college was going to be awesome! I eventually got my own bit of dorm sex action when I happened to walk by a dorm room where two guys were having sex with three college girls from the dorm.

One guy, who was getting his dick sucked, saw me and invited me in to join them. He said they were trying to get one of hugest college sex parties going in the history of the campus. Now, I’m kind of a geeky dude with a small penis, so I’m not really good with the ladies. But these coed girls were all excited about getting me naked and sucking my cock. They almost ripped my clothes off and started blowing me immediately. One of them kept begging the two girls who were blowing me to stop so she could ride my cock with her pussy. By the end of the night, I had fucked all the girls, and I even got anal sex from the hottest one. This experience really made my stay at college, and dorm living is definitely better than having my own apartment, which my parents begged me to let them pay for. I can see why.”

Stevie Writes:
“I just got to tell you about the time I fucked a college girl in the basement of a frat house where a wild party was going on. It was my first college party sex experience, but not my last. This was about two years ago and I was a sophomore at [college name removed], which is known to be one of the best party schools in the country. Me and my buddies were attending the party and there were a lot of really hot, really drunk, coeds there. These girls were kissing each other and even stripping down so that the other girls could eat their pussies. Yeah, I told you it was wild, man. I spotted this hot college girl over in the corner. She had been watching all of the debauchery with a really lustful expression on her face. I could tell this sexy coed was getting seriously turned on by what she was seeing.

I moved over next to her and started some small talk. She and I got friendly and I asked her if she wanted to check out the house with me, which she agreed to immediately. At this point, my cock was hard as a rock in my pants and I really felt that I had a chance to score some quality college sex with this girl. When she and I made it to the basement, the first thing she did was grab my crotch and tell me that she wanted my cock. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was getting, so I didn’t hesitate to whip out my dick and in her mouth it went. This coed girl was stunningly gorgeous, okay, with hot curves and big juicy tits that I would have loved to suck on for like a week.

She sucked me nice and long, then took down her panties, hiked up her skirt, and told me to fuck her right there! I asked her if she wanted me to use a condom and she said “fuck no, I want it raw!” I inserted my cock into her dripping wet pussy and gave her the fuck of her life, right there at the party! After that night, I kept attending college sex parties in the hope of repeating that adventure, and I definitely did. Maybe I’ll tell you about those next time.”

Johnny Boy Writes:
“Dude, I’ve got a coed sex party story that will blow your socks right off. I was at a wild frat party with my boys about a month ago and we ran into some unbelievably hot coed girls who looked like they needed immediate dick injections for health reasons. We picked them up and decided to leave the party and go back to our dorms. When we got there, these college coeds just started stripping and kissing each other.

Pretty soon, we had a full-blown sex party on our hands and my cock was hard as fuck. My boys got their dicks sucked by the coed hotties, and I got one of them to let me fuck her in the ass! These chicks were totally out of control, and luckily we had plenty of beer at the ready to fuel the whole coed dorm sex party. I had more sex that night than I probably will for the rest of my life. Oh shit, what am I saying, I’m still in college! Plenty of fun to come.”

Danny Writes:
“Okay, one of the hottest nights of my life happened last year when I was a freshman at my college. It was like 2am at night and I was in my dorm room studying for my astronomy final. All of a sudden, this gang of naked coeds busts into my room and attempts to recruit me for a wild dorm sex party that they wanted to get going. Yeah, all that pussy just falls right into my lap. Hey, it’s college. A couple of the coed girls started kissing me and taking down my pants so they could access my dick.

My roommate, who was sleeping at the time, got a couple of hot girls on him. They basically attacked him, taking off his pajamas as he was waking up. He was getting a dual coed blowjob by the time he realized he wasn’t dreaming! I got my own dual blowjob and eventually got the girls to ride me right there at my desk. I ended up fucking all the girls that night, because they just kept switching between me and my friend. Dude, this was one fucking amazing college dorm sex party. It was the best night of my life, to be honest.”

Frankie Writes:
“One of the best nights of my life during my college days was the time I attended an official coed group sex party. Now, it was very interesting how I got invited to it. It wasn’t like some hush hush shindig that you needed to know someone to get into. No, I pretty much just went to English class and got approached by a super hot cheerleader girl. She told me that I was hot and she thought I might like to attend a sex party she and her friends were throwing at their sorority house that night. She even gave me an invite card that said something like “Join Us Lonely Sorority Girls For A Wild Night of Suck Fucky”. Jesus, I love college. Anyway, I went and it was every bit the debauched sex fest that you’re imagining.

When I walked in the door, I saw dozens of really hot cheerleader and sorority babes walking around in their panties. Some of them were walking around in tight tops and no bottoms! Damn, that was a sight. As the night progressed, the horny college girls started to suck off the guys. We lined up on a big couch they had with our dicks out and the girls went down the line, one by one, sucking each one of us. One of the girls would keep the time, no more than one minute of blowing before changing partners. Then, the girls started to eat each other in a massive daisy chain circle. Us guys were sitting there masturbating as we watched this, and it was so hot!

This group sex party needed some actual sex, at this point, so we all paired off and started fucking. I got my hands on this curvy brunette with milky white skin and put my cock in her pussy like a piston. I fucked her hard, then found some lube and nailed her in the ass. The girl was so horny, she ended up asking for a gangbang from all of us. Yeah, like ten guys lined up and fucked her up the ass and pussy for what must have been an hour. This was the best college group sex I ever had, even though there are a couple other experiences I could mention.”